Type: NM450 Heavy Attack Mech 

Call Sign: Golem

Affiliation: Nerkas

The Golem is designed specifically for combat against infantry forces. It is highly maneuverable and is equipped with two twin machine guns on crane arms and two high caliber Gatling guns for close range offense.



Golem suit

In legends, the Golem is an unstoppable killing machine—perfectly obedient to the will and mission of its master. Today, the Golem is ready to go to work for you. With the Golem NM X1000 Power Suit, you can enhance the combat capability of every one of your soldiers—and ensure operational efficiency with our exclusive Mind Hack technology, which allows you to take direct mental control of the suit operator’s actions, if necessary.

The Golem Suit Features:

Triple Layers Of Kevlar Armor Plating With NewSteel Reinforcement

Hydraulic Skeleton For Additional Agility

Speed and StrengthIntegrated Life Support Systems

Digital HUD with 3-D Tracking

Self-Destruct Mechanism With Remote Trigger

Exclusive Mind Wave Integration

30-Day | 30-Kill Warranty

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