Furie is one of the available characters in Mindjack.

General InformationEdit

  • Type: NM200 Air Attack Mech
  • Call Sign: Furie
  • Affiliation: Nerkas
  • Mind Hack: Red Team
  • Mind Slave: Yes



With the Furie Air Attack mech, your enemies will reach for the sky… right before they get shot in the face. The Furie is an ultra-precise aerial assault platform, equipped with both heavy duty cannons and rapid fire machine guns. Originally designed as a scouting droid, technological advancements have helped us evolve the Furie into a powerful air assault mech, perfect for taking out those hard-to-reach targets. 

The NM200 Furie Air Attack Mech features:

Front and Rear Facing Concussion Cannons

Dual Machines Guns

Flight Stabilizer Technology

With Altitude Capability of Over 2 Miles

Mind Wave Integration

SureShot Laser Targeting System

Available Optional Warranty

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